Your comfort is a top priority for us at Lipson Dental Group. We offer comfort many amenities, including blankets, overhead TVs with noise-canceling headphones, protective sunglasses so the dental light doesn’t bother your eyes and a coffee bar with espresso, hot chocolate and lattes.

In addition, our doctors and staff are known for their friendliness and warmth and for making our patients feel welcome. We also take the time to ensure you understand your treatments and get all your questions answered to your satisfaction before beginning any treatment.

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Discover the best wisdom teeth removal options for you

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Sedation Options

We offer a range of sedation options to suit the unique needs of our patients. Mildly anxious patients can relax with complimentary nitrous oxide.

For more anxious or phobic patients, we offer oral sedation. With oral sedation, you will be given an oral medication prior to treatment that will make you feel relaxed during your procedure. The oral sedative does not cause sleep, and you will still be able to answer questions and follow the doctors’ instructions.

IV sedation is provided for major surgeries and is administered by an on-staff certified registered nurse anesthetist. You will experience a very relaxed, sleeplike state and will be closely monitored throughout your procedure.

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