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In the past, people with broken-down or missing teeth had very few options for tooth replacement, and the options had many disadvantages. With modern implant technology, these disadvantages have been eliminated. Dental implants are the most dependable, lifelike and long-lasting replacement solution for missing or unsaveable teeth.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jawbone, and a crown, dental bridge or denture is attached. Made of biocompatible material, implants integrate with the jawbone and provide a strong and stable base for a new tooth or teeth. At our practice, we primarily use implants made of titanium but also offer zirconia implants and other options by patient request.

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In the illustration above, one tooth has been replaced by a single implant, and three adjacent missing teeth are being replaced using an implant-supported bridge.

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Complete Dental Implant Treatment in One Office

Our doctors are able to use dental implants to replace any amount of teeth, from a single missing tooth all the way up to a full arch of teeth, without our patients having to go to anywhere else. All phases of treatment—from the diagnostics and planning, to implant placement done by our expert oral surgeon, to the attachment of the final beautiful new teeth—are all done in our comfortable office.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Using our special ultra-low radiation 3D CT scanner, we will capture 3D X-rays that provide us a full 360-degree view of your oral anatomy (right). Our doctors then use this data with implant planning software to simulate your entire procedure in advance. For complex cases, they create a physical surgical guide that ensures efficient and precise implant placement.

Experienced Oral Surgeon

Dr. Shivane Gupta is our in-house oral surgeon and the one who will place your implants. He has placed well over 4,000 dental implants to date and will carry out the procedure accurately and comfortably for you.

Dr. Gupta has attained the highest level of training in dental implant surgery. As part of his specialist education, he has received an additional six years of surgical training that includes all aspects of implant treatment.

Beautiful New Teeth

We provide extremely lifelike new teeth that attach to our implants. The teeth are made from high-quality materials and are designed by master ceramists at top labs for a very natural and aesthetic appearance, ensuring you will be proud to show off your new teeth.

Comfortable Care

We will work hard to keep you comfortable before, during and after implant treatment. Our doctors have excellent chairside manners and always take the time to fully explain the treatment and answer any questions you may have. We also offer oral and IV sedation, and we use special growth factors that speed healing and minimize discomfort after implant placement.

Affordable Teeth Replacement

We don’t want financial considerations to be an obstacle to our patients obtaining the benefits that dental implants provide. We minimize costs by handling all phases of implant treatment in one office, and we offer low- and no-interest financing through CareCredit® so you can make payments at a comfortable pace. Click here for more information.

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