Implant-Supported Dentures in Lilburn, GA

Our doctors recommend replacing missing or unsaveable teeth with implant-supported new teeth. Implant-supported teeth have many benefits compared to other forms of tooth replacement:

  • Implant-supported teeth look, act and feel like natural teeth. People don’t usually notice any difference between their real teeth and their teeth that are attached to dental implants.

  • Implant-supported teeth are the strongest and longest-lasting option for tooth replacement. With proper care, implants have been shown to last for over 40 years.

  • Implant-supported teeth let you talk, chew and exert pressure just like with natural teeth.

  • Implant-supported teeth don’t require alteration to the structure of adjacent, healthy teeth as traditional dental bridges do.

  • Implant-supported teeth are easy to clean. You can brush or floss them just like real teeth.

  • Implants have a high success rate.

  • Implants help preserve bone in the jaw and prevent the collapsed, wrinkled look caused by the progressive bone loss that occurs with missing teeth (see below).

 need Implant-Supported Dentures

Without the stimulation provided by full-force chewing, the bone that used to hold your teeth in place gradually reabsorbs back into the body. Eventually, so much bone is lost that the lower part of the face collapses in on itself. The chin moves toward the nose, and the mouth and cheeks sink in, causing deep wrinkles and folds. Implant-supported new teeth provide the same full-force chewing power as natural teeth, putting a stop to bone loss in the jaw and preserving your facial structure.

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